jvc freight carriers

J.V.C Freight provides a vast and all-encompassing array of services demonstrating commitment to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. The company services various industries seeking transportation of goods. Thus, customers only need to deal with one logistics company for all their transport needs. Our services include the provision of comprehensive logistics, distribution, transport and rail services for corporate companies and clearing and forwarding agents. We have the resources to transport containers, normal and abnormal breakbulk cargos within the Republic of South Africa and across border to the neighbouring states of Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zambia and Mozambique.

Document Collection
Twice daily

Monitoring of Cargo Status
With container unpack depots
With port authorities and shipping lines to secure update on vessel status to establish discharge dates. This ensures timeous upliftment and delivery of cargo.

Transport Subcontractors
J.V.C Freight have partnered with a network of trustworthy and professional transporters, which ensures greater efficiencies, prompt on-time performance and competitive stable tariffs.

Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring
J.V.C Freight’s subcontractors utilize satellite and monitoring systems. This system is used for security and the tracking of vehicles as well as detects the performance measurement of vehicles. This includes evaluation of route schedules, compliance to route plans, vehicle loading and offloading times as well as vehicle times.

Daily Upliftment and Status Report
This report confirms the date and time of upliftment, estimated time of delivery, customer’s reference number and various important details to facilitate effective communication with regards to deliveries and the successful update of customer files.

Cellular Communication
J.V.C Freight’s subcontractor’s vehicles are fitted with cell phones further adding value to communication between drivers, operations personnel and customers. This enhances the accuracy of information relayed onto the customer.

24 Hour Operation Control
J.V.C Freight are available on a 24 hour basis. Subcontractors have nightshift controllers responsible for monitoring, controlling and managing vehicles after hours and resolve various problems that may arise.

Backup Fleet
Over and above J.V.C Freight’s dedicated subcontracted fleets, the company has access to a wide base of subcontractors conforming to predetermined quality standards, assisting during peak periods.

The company prides itself on its close affiliations to associations and organizations, improving the stature of the company holistically. One of these associations includes SAAFF (Durban Harbour Carriers Association), of which J.V.C Freight is a member.

Rail Division through CMKCD
JVC through it's investment in CMKCD has a rail contract with TFR, enabling a rail division to be attached to our transport division giving customers more distribution options.

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